Getting back to 5 days of school seems like its going to be hard… The Jo’burg Diaries, Part 4

So  the month of April, in South Africa might as well be December, there are public holidays galore! We started off with Easter and at the end of the month boom! Two consecutive long weekends, but now all the fun is over and exams are almost here, all I can do is study and think about the weekend that was. And boy was it a weekend!! It started on Friday, in the morning my aim was to watch the second Avengers movie, I am a huge MARVEL fan! And seriously, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor in one movie? I could watch it for hours! But considering that I had places to be in the afternoon, I could settle with 2.5 hours. I had such high expectations for the movie, but it kinda felt short (not going to post spoilers), I’m still looking forward to the next movie tho.

My movie squad
My movie squad

So my best friend and I literally rushed back to our dorms after the movie to get onto the next bus to meet our friends at main campus. For once, we ended up being slightly early so hello selfies…

my ozzy osbourne vibes
my ozzy osbourne vibes
Kimonos make me feel like Bat(wo)man especially my black one.
Kimonos make me feel like Bat(wo)man especially my black one.

Once everyone arrived, well there were just 5 of us in total, we got into our cab and onward with our adventure to Lusito Land, basically its a portuguese family festival and it is so so cool! We arrived and the place is just cute, there were rides and stalls and candy floss as tall as my torso!




The plan was lets get some food and then go on some rides because why not? Well after the food we kinda got side tracked and rides never happened. There was such a wide variety to choose from, Portuguese, Brazilian even Mexican to name a few.

Before we could eat, I ran into some friends from church, which was cool! And after we ate we decided to walk around a bit and then found a cool place to hang out at. There we saw my friends we ran into earlier, with a few more old friends.

But the main reason we chose to go on Friday night was that the band Yorke played, guys they are amazing!! The band’s guitarist is my friend’s cousin, and I actually did meet him at the Hillsong United concert in 2013, and the guitarist remembered me!!!! I was shocked, well he mainly remembered because he follows me on instagram but it’s still cool that whoah someone in a band knows me #groupie

Yorke, check out their song Goodbye Gravity
Yorke, check out their song Goodbye Gravity

All in all it was great night, the food was great, the company amazing and the music epic!

Saturday was spent mostly in bed and then working on a programming assignment, saturday night, however involved a lot of maps and planning as it was decided my best friend and I wanted to go to my church in Sandton but we didn’t exactly have transport so we hatched a master plan…

On Sunday morning a friend drove us to the mall, where we took a train, but we had 8 minutes to make our train. Unfortunately neither of us had cash, we had to run to the other side of the mall to withdraw, we made it with 2 minutes to spare thanks to the fact that my time is set 5 minutes faster than normal time. From the station we caught a cab to church.

Remember that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie “New York Minute”?? That was my life on Sunday morning, but church was so worth it. After being on time for so long it was inevitable that we would be late for something and that was our return train. We eventually got home tired and hungry but grateful for the adventure.

After church selfie
After church selfie
BORED AT A TRAIN STATION yes I wore a previous post's ootd, I got up late.
yes I wore a previous post’s ootd, I got up late.

Anybody else have any awkward run-ins or crazy mornings? share them in the comments below

Love igetlostinsoundandspace

Also follow me on instagram, @terscillacayla, to see a video of Yorke playing LIVE, my life was literally made that night!!

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