Really feeling this blanket trend, Johannesburg’s weather is pretty daunting this year …

Secrets and Stilettos


The weather in Johannesburg has been exceptionally frostbite-y these past few days. I’ll avoid making a Princess Elsa joke (even though the Disney obsessed child within really, really wants to), but I will say that it’s rather nonsense to be this cold and not have the fun of snow (and building snowmen).

Although I don’t necessarily embrace winter with open arms, I do, however, adore winter fashion. As a relatively modest dresser, it’s so refreshing to be able to walk into a store and not be faced with huge posters of scantily clad women and crop tops. I am so tired of crop tops.

For this particular outfit, I embraced the blanket trend. I highly doubt it’s called a blanket, but it looks just so, so that’s what it will be called. Many celebrities have been seen to don personalized versions of their own, notably Rosie Huntington Whiteley. They’re everywhere…

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