Monthly Favourites//1: Music_Edition

So a lot of bloggers tend to do a monthly favourites blog, I have many favourites but decided to do my monthly blog a little differently, in hopes to let you know a little about who I am and even expose you amazing people to some things that I think are pretty rad. Basically, each month I’ll try to explore a different category, from really great books to make-up and fashion…

So welcome to my first monthly favourite, and for June I have decided to compile a list of a few of my favourite South African bands/artists at the moment. Now, this list is in no way a definitive list or ranking of all South African artist. Its also only a few of my favourite, or this blog would be way too long.

So without further ado…

1. Gangs of Ballet


I first heard this four piece band from Durban in 2013, their music had been out for a while, I was just late to the party. I was drawn in by their song “Breaking the Silence” ( and blown away by “This Love” and “Hello Sweet World”. In 2014 they released their debut album, “Yes/No/Grey”, which is nothing short of brilliant. They are now a three piece band, since the departure of their bassist and have racked up a few awards and even more nominations. But that’s enough from me, I’ll let their music do the rest.

Youtube: (

Facebook: (

2. Monark


I’d always seen or heard of Monark, but never really paid attention until Youtube autoplayed one of their videos and boy was I thankful for that, I heard “Build it Up” and made sure to give all their other singles a listen, I ended up buying their album that same day. This four piece band broke out in 2013, released their album “Negatives” in 2014 and yes, I only really started listening to them this year, but better late than never right?

You can check out their new music video for their song “Hush” here : (

And their website here: (

3. Yorke


I have spoken about Yorke before on my blog so you guys know how much I love them, they put out a lyric video the other day for their song “Forest Fire” of their upcoming album, you can watch it here: ( Let’s not forget that in May they played at The Great Escape Music Fest in Brighton, I can’t wait to see what this band has in store for us.

Facebook: (



This man’s voice is simply amazing, soothing and beautiful. His music evokes such good vibes. No description will do any justice so I’ll just let you listen to him.

Fire: (

The River: (

Someday: (

Website: (

5. Al Bairre


So basically I’ve just been loving this song from Al Bairre, “Bungalow”. Its so fun to listen to.


Well thats all for now, I hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as I did, there are many more bands I’d love to speak about but another post hey…

Keep a look out for my July Favourites, Young Adult Fiction Edition.


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