Monthly Favourites// July: YA Fiction

So I know its been a long time since I last posted, things just got so busy. I started vacation work during my break from campus, 8:30-16:00 is a really long time to work guys. I got home ready to sleep, on the plus side I learnt a lot about what metallurgical engineers do, so I’m slightly more prepared for my future as an engineer …

Another thing I did quite a bit was read, I grew up reading the likes of every series Enid Blyton wrote along with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, I pretty much shied away from any “girly” books that dealt with love and had a cliche plot. I then moved on to mystery novels like Dee Henderson’s and middle east war novels like “The Copper Scroll” etc…

In the past few years, however Young Adult Fiction has definitely drawn my interest. John Green is one of the best authors of our time and “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher will forever give me goosebumps and make stop and re analyze my actions towards others. There are tons of other inspiring thought provoking novels in YA fiction but this post is about my most recent reads and why they are some of my favourite books of all time.

1. I’ll Give You the Sun, Jandy Nelson


I’m not going to give you the sparknotes summary of this book as you can easily google it. What I am going to say is that Noah and Jude’s story is extremely gripping and once I started this book I couldn’t put it down until 4am when my eyes were like ‘seriously you need to rest’. And after a few hours of sleep I was back with the book. The narrative voice alternates between Noah and Jude, Noah’s story recounts theirs lives at 13, while Jude tells her tale at 16, these twins were once inseparable but Jude’s popularity and beauty along with Noah’s aversion to most people and his talent for drawing start to drive a wedge between them. As you read the book, you realise each twin has only one side of the story and if they could just find a way back to each other they can restore the other and piece their relationship together. It’s a tale of how maybe two broken people can heal each other and others once they stop hiding what they’ve done and what they know. The book deals with many themes from Noah’s sexuality to Jude’s guilt for destroying her brother’s dream while she deals with her dead mother possible haunting her for her actions. The emotional rollercoaster I went on with this book left me in pieces but the good kind.



2. Eleanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell


I think I’m just drawn to emotionally gripping and life changing books, because that’s how Eleanor and Park made me feel. Eleanor, the new kid at school, has huge red hair and a not so small figure, Park is a half Korean teen, just coasting through the social hierarchy of high school. They meet on the bus, and after weeks of silence Park realises Eleanor has been reading his comics, it’s awkward to start a conversation so he just gives her some of his comics to take home. Slowly, they start to get to know each other, to fall for each other, even. The book is set in 1986 so hello mixtapes, reading this made me want someone to make me a mixtape so badly. But while these two are falling in love and exploring each other, Eleanor is being relentlessly bullied, and we don’t know by whom, until the very end. The ending destroyed me, because

  1. it was an open end,
  2. it gave me no closure,
  3. Eleanor sends Park one measly letter with only three words after a long time of radio silence,
  4. We don’t know what the three words are.


3. Paper Towns, John Green


Whats a YA multiple review without a bit of John Green? So Paper Towns, the movie comes out soon and I wanted to read the book before I watched the movie. It obviously did not disappoint. Quentin has been in love with his neighbour, Margo since he was a kid. However, they don’t even acknowledge each other in school. Quentin has his friends, Radar and Q, who are extremely loveable characters. One night Margo introduces Quentin to adventure, her master revenge plot and paper towns. The next day she runs off. Now, Quentin thinks she has left him clues to find her and perhaps save her from herself. Honestly, I love the book, but Margo? Not so much. Yes, she a free spirit, harder to tame than nature itself, an impressive girl who has adventures people can’t even manage to dream off, but she literally leaves her friends in the dust and with clues that seem to lead to her, they miss their graduation only to find that she never wanted to be found in the first place. And just when you think she may redeem herself the book has an open ending, full of possibilities as to how Margo and Quentin end up. I may not like Margo’s character, but I understand why she does what she does to an extent and I respect her. Also, I tend to get over involved in the stories I read.


So thats it, an extremely late post. Also I know none of these books are new, but I feel if had read them any earlier, they wouldn’t have had such a huge impact on me. What do you think about these books? Or, what books would you recommend I read? Let me know in the comments below …



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