August Favorite! Womens’ Month

Hey guys!!

So August is Womens’ Month. In South Africa, we have a public holiday on the 9th of August to commemorate the day in 1956 when around 20 000 women of all races marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria. They protested against the country’s pass law, which meant that all “black” South Africans had to carry a pass to identify themselves. The women stood silently for 30 minutes, singing a protest song that was composed in honour of the occasion: Wathint’Abafazi Wathint’imbokodo!(Now you have touched the women, you have struck a rock.). The latest form being; you strike a woman, you strike a rock!

So for my August favourites post, I decided to talk about the coolest things about being a woman(in progress). Instead of it just being my favourites, I asked a bunch of my friends and family what their thoughts were and then felt a little spontaneous, so Kriv and I asked girls at Wits what do they love about being a girl/young lady/woman, whatever they feel comfortable calling themselves. I got such amazing responses that really made me appreciate my femininity as well as some that made me giggle on the spot because of how true they are.

So here are reasons why you should love being a woman or love the women around you!

  • I definitely love being able to dress up all sophisticated. That feeling of super smooth legs after shaving or waxing! (Haha! The truth in this tho!) But, I guess to actually fall pregnant, actually carrying God’s creation in you, men can’t do that.

-Trinola Govender

  • Women in South Africa have a lot of rights as compared to women in other countries. We have have many job opportunities and we not seen as less competent as compared to men.

-Michelle Maduramuthu

  • Being a woman in the 21st century is quite different from 100 years ago, we break the stereotype of being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen! We’re goal driven, we’re able to study, get jobs and become pillars of strength in our societies.

-Sorcha Ramsunder

  • My favourite part of being a woman is being capable and confident. I can do almost anything I put my mind to. I draw strength from troubles, this makes me stronger. I am valuable. I am loved.

-Malani Maduramuthu

  • Females are empowered and ambitious. I like the fact that we have so many options when it comes to doing our hair and that we can express ourselves with makeup.

-Venusha Govender

  • Being a woman makes me appreciate myself more. Being classified as a woman gives me confidence, because that title is held by so many more females that have made history and have done extraordinary things that I can hope to one day achieve.

-Veroushia Padayachee

  • I think my favourite part of being a woman is not being judged for going to the bathroom with your mates. Imagine if guys did that :’D Just being able to get away with a lot of things like being crazy and stuff like that.

-Angela Joy Kow

  • The fact that you can be tough and gentle together, you can have long flowy hair 🙂 You can apply yourself to a greater variety of things… We can do what men can do as well as what they can’t.

-Divya Chauhan

  • Our strength, how many times have you seen single mums working for their kids, cleaning houses etc,  not to say that fathers don’t. Also, our sisterhood, we make and form bonds so much quicker than guys and we’re much more comfortable around each other, guys just get awkward…

-Saieshna Ramasamy

  • As women, we are so often underestimated in the workplace and just in general, I love proving people wrong. I also love being a daughter, especially a daddy’s girl

-Kiravani Pillay

  • We get to dress up, we have so many options. We get excited when babies are born. We can have a good cry and also a good laugh. We find simple things funny. We faff over our children even when they’re old.

-Priscilla Chinasamy (this is my mum guys)

  • I like to dress up and look good, I don’t do it for attention, it makes me feel good, when I feel confident, I feel capable of so much more. My roommate and I are going to gym, we’re working on both our inner and outer aspects, to be fully accomplished people. It’s great to be able to show our feminine side, to throw tantrums as well… Guys are lucky, they get to choose which personality to like, we have like 20!


  • The part I love the most about being a woman is the fact that we have an inner beauty as well as an outer beauty, like going to gym, it feels so good to wake up with dreams and goals, as opposed to back in the day when women were just looked over.


  • I feel I can’t I can’t use the word woman, it’s a title to be earned, I’m not sure how, but I know I’m not there yet. My favourite thing about being a young lady is that I can’t even describe it in a sentence, you’re just automatically phenomenal. The best part is being able to make bonds with other women, to help each other grow, I don’t know of a woman who has gotten anywhere without a support system, your mum, your grandmother etc. That bond, when used correctly is extremely powerful.


  • We get treated better, we get to go in the door first, free drinks etc. Its nice to able to use feminism to our advantage, we’ve been disenfranchised as a gender for centuries, we now have freedom to do whatever we want. It’s our time now.
  • We have the ability to give life
  • As a girl it’s okay to have any personality, you can be a tomboy, a girly girl or even be indecisive, if guys tried to do that, people would be like ‘he’s too feminine’ or metrosexual. Another nice thing about being a girl is we have boobs and who doesn’t like boobs?? It’s great that girls can go into any type of career, without being judged, its the same with fashion, we have so many options, sometimes we can wear sneakers, other times, heels, and that’s okay.

-Khanyoza Qolohle & Katekani Munisi

  • A great thing about being a woman is friendships. My favourite thing about being a woman is the the friends you make, and you have such cool friendships with everyone. You can be so honest with each other.


  • Chocolate!! You have a good excuse to to have chocolate all the time and when the guy pays for you!


  • I like the fact that I can just dress up and look pretty, and do my hair and wear flowers without being discriminated against. Also, the fact that we can be small and weak and it’s okay and guys have to do everything for us and pay for our meals.
  • We can be young, independent and successful women and still raise tomorrow’s leaders, whether female or male, thats pretty great.


  • I love the fact that I can look glamorous. Women are powerful,who carries someone inside them for 9 months and is still able to rock the world? I like that now, it’s as if women are coming into existence, in the past women were not recognised, now we can be engineers! Women are stepping up.

-Thina Mangcu

  • We tend to persevere, we may be dying inside, but we are able to overcome it by putting up a strong front. We are able to unite, and prove that we can do anything.

-Andisiwe Songca

  • I like the fact that women can take up a man’s job as well as a woman’s. Women are in engineering but that same woman will come back from work and cook, be a wife and be a mother. Even when it comes to fashion, I wear a dress today, and jeans and sneakers tomorrow.

-Thabisa Maweni

And me? I like dressing up, even wearing heels occasionally but I love bonding with other women, it’s so simple. We can become best friends because we liked the same dress. it’s a beautiful thing.


And while sometimes we complain about periods and the like, take time to appreciate who you are as a woman. You rock!!

Let me know your favourite things about being a woman/young lady/girl in the comments below


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