Planned Spontaneity

Heyo Lovelies…

So I’ve always seen these incredible shots of people jumping and wanted to recreate my own picture. With someone else as a model of course… So I saw a guy at res who seemed to fit the idea of a model I had in my head. Unfortunately I didn’t really know him, just his name, I’m not a creeper guys, people are just loud. I ended up telling a mutual friend about the idea in my head and he said he’ll introduce us, that was two fridays ago and I never really thought much of it, but the next Sunday, my friend brought the guy to my room. Now, I’m not the greatest at being a normal sociable person when I first meet a person, but he seemed to like the idea and gave me his number so I can get in contact.

I decided to get out of my comfort zone and make plans for a little shoot, last wednesday was the day. I was actually so scared, I’ve never photographed someone who isn’t my friend before. I also forgot my SD card, ugh but my room was close by so it was a quick run. But once we assumed our roles of me behind the camera and him in front, it went sorta smoothly. He was pretty chilled with whatever I asked him to do AND I GOT MY JUMP SHOT!!!

But, like how dope is this really???

We shot this in front of the entrance/exit to our residence, so we had to move out everytime a car drove through, it probably didn’t help that I decided to sit in the middle of the road to get a good angle. A friend of his passed by before and during the shoot, he was keen on joining in and I managed to get some cool silhouette pictures of them goofing off. Anyway, here are a few of the pictures…

He knows how to dougie

I think this is my favourite snap of the two of them.
Everybody was kung fu fighting …

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