Cool Kids On Campus// Wits

Hey guys!!

So this weekend is yet another long weekend in South Africa. I know, we just had one last month right? Well yesterday the 24th September celebrated Heritage Day as well as National Braai Day (or barbeque everywhere else in the world). The public holiday is to commemorate our diverse cultures as South Africans. So we had a 3-day week, on Wednesday I took my camera to campus to take out pictures for my friends’ corrosion project. I decided to a little more with it though.

I’ve always wanted to do a feature of students at Wits, my university, and how well most of them dress. Also, we had a mini showcase of cultures so I asked a few friends to pose for a snap and a few strangers as well. It was a Wednesday and technically the last day of the week so I guess not everyone had their best game, but I did come across some cool kids.

These are my friends who are studying Mining Engineering and how gorgeous do they look?? They were celebrating their Xhosa culture.

From left: Khanyisile Kunene, Thandeka Nomfundo Mlangeni, Lukona Ncumolwam Melento

These were the strangers I asked to take a photo of. But, I love the blend of traditional and western dressing here!

From left: Loyiso Mfithi, Mokoena Moloto

I love their laid back vibe…

From left: Bomi Dlova, Morena Malakoana

Kamenee is actually a friend of mine and is one of the best people I know, I adore her boots as well as Sonam’s casual campus no-fuss attire.

From left: Kamenee Govender, Sonam Gosai

Phomolo is no stranger on my blog, I did a photoshoot with him a while back (the post’s called ‘Planned Spontaneity’). I’m not even going to try and deny it, while he has a simple cool outfit on, his socks steal the show!

Phomolo Khitsane

And this has to be my favourite outfit from Wednesday’s scouting. It’s simple, there’s no fuss about it and lets the cropped pants do all the talking. Needless to say I am a huge fan of florals!!

Lebogang Molefe

So that’s my non-comprehensive incomplete list of cool kids at the University of the Witwatersrand, there may even be a part 2…

Lots of Love


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