Fear of Heights Conquered/ Jo’burg Diaries VII

Hey guys!!

So you know how some people have heaps of luck and always win stuff in lucky draws? Well I’m not one of those people. Luckily, my best friend is, STA travel was at our Uni recently and had a spin the wheel competition that included a trip to Gold Reef City and Converse sneakers! Kriv spun that wheel and as luck would have it, she won a bungee jumping trip for 4 at the Orlando Towers in Soweto. I’ve always wanted to go there but my fear of heights kept me well away, but I sucked it up and got over my fear.

I had a tut that afternoon, but bungee jumping seemed cooler so I decided to skip and it seems I do have some luck, my test that day was cancelled. I also carried my camera to campus so urm can you say FATE. Anyway let me not bore you with my rambles, if you live in South Africa or ever visit, you should definitely visit the Orlando Towers, the 100m drop is the most liberating feeling I’ve ever had, for a couple seconds it’s as if you’re floating as you bounce in mid air!

How tiny we humans are compared to these towers
Towers selfie of course!
And a pre-jump, brave faced one too!

So let me take you through my jump.

Step 1

Pretend to calmly walk the rickety yet steady bridge while you’re still freaking out about the elevator that curves with the building.


Step 2

Dont look down.


Step 3

Let the guys in charge talk you into being so zen you think nothing of falling 100 meters to the ground. Harness or not.


Step 4

You have two choices, jump off or walk off. Obviously as a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, I think it’ll be cool to “walk the plank”.

IMG_8083Step 5

Enjoy the that amazing rush of adrenaline and that feeling of flying.


So go out and do something spontaneous, face that fear, I know I can’t wait to go home and bungee jump from the top of the Moses Madiba Stadium, in Durban, next!

love igetlostinsoundandspace


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