Writer’s Block is Real but I’m back! [OOTD Post]

Hello people of the internet. Maybe you read my blog a lot, maybe this is the first time you’ve even been here, but I haven’t posted in a long time. I want to blame exams, but with the amount of procrastinating I do that is a lame excuse. I honestly have been stuck. There were no ideas, and I felt like I had been sucked dry of creativity. Can I still blame exams for throwing me into a mundane schedule?

Anyway, enough of my usual introductory ramble. Last Saturday was the last Sisterhood conference for the year at Hillsong Church Johannesburg and I wanted to dress up real good. My hardest week of exams were over an I could relax a bit. Obviously I felt that I owned no clothes. I knew I wanted to wear my black cotton shorts and Dr Marten’s, my top however was a mystery. Thankfully Kriv remembered a pineapple crop top I got wayyy back in March and never got to wear. So outfit complete and here it is.

Crop: Cotton On

Shorts: Jet

Shoes: Dr Marten’s

Bracelet: Lovisa

2015-11-16 01.03.50 3.jpg


Processed with VSCO with s1 preset


For my make up, I kept it really simple because it was daytime and I felt that my outfit already was pretty loud. I lightly applied my MAC Rebel lipstick and lined the inner corner of my eyes with some rose gold eye shadow. And, I can’t forget my Rollerlash mascara from Benefit because I honestly am addicted to it!


Sisterhood was amazing. Andi Andrew is kind of all sorts of amazing. We later took a bit of a stroll in Braam and got some great vegan food at Neighbourgoods. And no, I’m not vegan, I love a good steak and some mutton curry way too much!

But that’s all for now loves, I hope you enjoyed this little post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

love igetlostinsoundandspace


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