Favourite Youtubers!!

Hey everyone, I know I skipped my October favorites but I’m back with a quick November favs post. I’m a huge fan of spending my days watching Youtube videos, so while procrastinating studying I realised there are Youtubers whose videos I can watch over and over. I’ve narrowed them down to 9 but there was no way to put them in any order! I feel like they all tie for first place.

Kurt Hugo Schneider


I’ve been watching Kurt’s videos for as long as I can remember. He’s probably one of the best directors out there. Every music video of his is so creative and his collabs are amazing! The one take videos and mashups seriously deserve some props.

Max Schneider


or MAX, as he goes by, has a voice that makes you weak at the knees instantly. (I lowkey want to marry him) He’s been on tour and I wish I lived in America so I could see him live. His new EP is so on point. Gibberish has been on playlist I create!

Megan Batoon


Staying with the creative arts, Megan Batoon’s dance videos are super creative and have humour. Her other videos, meganbytes and vlogs are entertaining to watch. I especially love her haul videos, she gets that we just have to buy EVERYTHING!!!

Meghan Rienks


i.e. The other Meghan in my life. Meghan is crazy funny and fashionable, and her chatty videos are hilarious and relatable. She’s also as awkward as me #samsies

Superwoman, Lilly Singh


Everyone’s favourite unicorn and my ultimate icon. I absolutely love her videos because Indian Problems!! The videos that feature her “parents” absolutely kill me, as I can totally relate. My parents act that way sometimes too!

i love makeup

maxresdefault (1)

Both Meghan and Lilly have had mini series on this channel. If ever you thought makeup can’t be fun you are so wrong, between Lana Steele, makeup spy, Makeup Mishaps and the new show Make up call you can learn how to do a smokey eye while wondering who is Jessica going to finally end up with.

Kaushal Beauty


Can we first take a moment to appreciate how stunning Kaushal is?? She’s definitely one of my favourite beauty bloggers.

CONFESSION: Sometimes I watch makeup tutorials for fun. I never actually try them but I do pick up a few tricks here and there.

Zoe and Joe Sugg

Lastly my favourite British vloggers, the Sugg siblings, they both have their own individual account with different content but I love them both, Joe is hilarious and Zoe is adorable, I love her hauls and favourites, after all I got the Rollerlash mascara by Benefit as per Zoe’s recommendation. Joe is the ultimate prank master and accent whiz! I’d probably faint if I ever met one of them, I really hope I don’t but I know I would fangirl so hard!!

Anyway lovelies that’s all for now, who’s your fav youtuber? let me know in the comments below…



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