Stream of Consciousness 1

heya guys!

So I’m back home, hello Pietermaritzburg, we now have 3 MacDonald’s if anyone wants to know. But for me, vac means wac work. I’m currently working at Hulamin, my bursar company. I’m learning how to be an engineer but like guys am I even ready to be an adult? I’m not entirely sure, but work has its moments, when I learn how to use a seemingly cool machine. However, ignorance is bliss because then you find out the machine isn’t really that cool. There’s also a lot of writing, I can’t wait to start my project and only have to write the report at the end.

In terms of work clothes, my word they are so fashionable, not! LOL Safety shoes and overalls are not my ideal choice of clothing but it does save me some time in the morning, I have the liberty to throw on a pair of jeans and whatever tee my hand first touches. Slather on some makeup and boom I’m good to go. How are you spending vac? Or just the Christmas holiday?

My family and I have planned a week trip to Cape Town in January so I am super duper excited for that, anticipate some OOTD posts and hopefully some great photos, even a Jo’burg Diaries visits Cape Town? Any cool places I need to visit? The last time I went there, I was 8, so 11 years ago. Dang time flies.

It’s already Friday and I’m typing this up during my lunch, chicken and mayo by the way, thanks mom! And feel like my holiday is basically over even though Christmas hasn’t yet passed. I’m definitely in the Christmas spirit tho, Christmas carols are the only songs on my mind well with a few others like Under by Josh Wantie, you guys should check it out. Hillsong Young and Free released a single, Where You Are, off their sophomore album today and I just got it and am swivelling my chair to the beat.

Anyway guys there wasn’t too much of a point to this post but I did feel like putting my thoughts out there. And I have 2 minutes left of my lunch break so I hope you have a great Friday.

thought train express ride over


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