The not so nostalgic about markets post

Hello Bloggerverse!!

So last week, I planned to do a post about the Rosebank Sunday Rooftop Market this week. It was sort of going to be a nostalgic post about missing Jo’burg, but then my family and I went to a Christmas Night market last Friday and it was pretty good!

But, before I tell you about that, the pizza and doughnuts from the sunday market definitely deserve a mention…

Creative Dough

I have yet to try Krispy Kreme’s, so as far as I know, these guys make the best doughnuts, the granadilla glaze is so good, as well as the oreo doughnut. GUYS! They’ve also experimented with a nutella, salted caramel and BACON topping. It was absolutely sublime. ( Big Bacon fan here!)

Their monster shakes are to die for as well, Sunday is cheat day right?

Pilgrim’s Pizza

In the mood for some authentic neapolitan pizza? Head on over to pilgrims_pizza on instagram and find out when they’ll be at a market. Unfortunately, they are closed until the 13th Jan 2016. There isn’t much to say except this pizza is so delicious. You know a lot of the time after you eat pizza, you feel so fat after all that grease and carbs? You don’t get that feeling with pilgrim’s. It’s so light and tasty yet fills you up with just enough space left to split a doughnut with your bestie.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Enough about Jo’burg, the Christmas market at the Dunrobin Garden Centre held its own last week. They host a night market on the last Friday of every month.


Friday was crazy hot, and living in Pietermaritzburg also means living in crazy humid conditions. Are you imagining the frizzy hair that can sometimes occur making one feel like a grizzly bear? *not sure how accurate that analogy is*


Anyway enough with the ramble, there was some pretty sweet shortbread on sale and biltong cheese spread which was surprisingly tasty. While markets have a lot of cute little things to buy, they are way overpriced, I usually tend to pick stuff up to admire them, then I see the price and well it just isn’t as attractive anymore. I’m all about the food anyway!


The first thing I had was a turkish delight brownie. Extra brownie points (haha!) for presentation, each dessert was served in a mini enamel cup which you seriously just don’t see in these modern times. I loved the look and feel of it. The brownie itself was pretty good, I swear there was turkish delight pieces inside as well as on top.


Next it was onto some real food. I’d seen most of the people holding a pizza slice and my radar was working overtime. After standing in the rather long queue we finally got some goodness. My slice was topped with chicken, sausage and of course, Bacon!! The market was super crowded and hot so we didn’t eat there. I got home, warmed up my slice and ate while I dipped my feet in the pool, pure bliss.


The last part of our take away package were these delicious cupcakes by Gotta Believe it. I have never in my life come across burfee or milk tart icing on cupcakes so I was super keen to try it. We got a vanilla cupcake with burfee icing and a ginger flavoured cupcake with milk tart icing. The subtle ginger, milk tart and cinnamon blend so deliciously. The cupcake wasn’t as fluffy as I would’ve liked it but that’s probably because I ate it the next day after leaving it in the fridge overnight. It was still pretty damn good tho!

Then it was time to go home and jump into the shower, I wanted to swim but what’s a summer night without a crazy storm?? The market had a lot to offer, but logistically it didn’t work, it was hella crowded and hot, the communal eating spots were in the middle of the walkway making it hard to find your way, so hopefully, next time they take that into consideration.






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