I gave up the internet for 5 days

Do you ever feel way too dependant on social media? I did, whenever my hands were idle, I was picking up my phone, scrolling through instagram, facebook, vine, twitter or 9 gag. I told myself I was definitely not a social media addict, I was just bored. So when my church had its week of fasting and prayer, I felt like I had something to prove to myself. The world is getting way more into technology now right? Everything we do has evolved, so why not make a social media fast a thing.

Basically I turned my phone into a 3310, without the snake game unfortunately. My mobile data and wifi had been switched off on my phone, tab and laptop.

Monday came, the first day, I had logged out and switched off the night before so it was weird to wake up to no notifications, oh I also gave up whatsapp and bbm, if anyone urgently needed me they could call. Turned out no one besides my mum really needed me. And that was just to tell me what chores to do and when I was going to the dentist.I basically slept a lot and caught up on my series. I didn’t really miss anything.

Tuesday I went to the dentist and surprise I had to get a root canal done! I was kinda bummed that I didn’t get to tweet about it. But I lived. Even when when I couldn’t remember Nick Fury’s name when I was talking to my cousin about Captain America and she mentioned DC characters who could’ve thawed him out. I was packing to move back into res so I was pretty distracted. But, by Thursday I was so bloody bored, packing my life up was frustrating and I had nowhere to vent. Complaining to my family just wasn’t cutting it.

Friday midday was a pretty great moment in my life. I scrolled through my instagram feed immediately looking at the pics posted by my fav photographers first. It was good to be back in the land of the e-living. So now I know I’m not a total addict, I can actually manage without it. It was a pretty good feeling tho, I wasn’t complaining when the internet at home decided to be snail slow!

And now I’m not that eager to pick my phone up. It’s orientation week and I think I’ve actually been quite friendly, I’d normally bury my head when in a crowd but I’m helping out the house comm by taking pictures, so I’m getting out of my comfort zone and talking to people. What habit have you tried to kick? Or is social media taking over your life too? Lemme know below


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