Jo’burg Diaries VIII, Valentine Edition.

Hey guys!

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Okay, so it’s a week and a day after Valentine’s Day, I still think sharing a Valentines shoot is appropriate, right?

A few days before the big day, a friend, Ezzy called me up asking me if I was free to do a photoshoot for him and his girlfriend, Aruna… And obviously I was free because #FOREVERALONE but I was pretty keen as the last time I photographed a couple was in 2011 before I even owned a DSLR. Oh ancient of days…

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We decided we’d explore Newtown a bit and see where the day takes us. So Valentine’s Day arrived and I eventually got out of bed, got ready to shoot and realised that it would be the first time, in a long time that I’d be doing this all by myself. I’ve always had Kriv for moral support and to bounce ideas off. So after a mini freakout, I got my sh*t together along with inspiration for pictures and tried not be weirded out that I would kind of basically be third wheeling a couple on the most loved up day.

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I quickly found out I worried for nothing, photographing Ezzy and Aruna was effortless. They’re the kind of couple that go so well together, you don’t feel like you’re intruding in on their personal space. They were also such good sports! They did exactly as I asked and were game for pretty much any pose. It was by far one of my most seamless shoots.

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After walking around in Newtown for a bit we decided to try out Arts on Main, in Maboneng, none of us had been so it was a cool experience. It’s basically Neighbourgoods in a different location with less ventilation but still soo cool! And with such yummy food, I had a pulled pork burger and it was delish! All in all it was a good day with one of the best couples I’ve ever met, and can we all take a moment to appreciate how stunning Aruna is? You may see her more on here.

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