Making the MOST of the makeup counter

Well that’s a lot of m’s. What can I say? I like alliteration…

Hey beauties!

I’ve been using a Clinique foundation ever since I started using makeup, I switched from the powder to the liquid and never looked back until I had to pay for my own makeup and after doing some research, realised MAC was the way cheaper option. I also realised my Clinique wasn’t holding up for the extremely long days I sometimes have at campus. Maybe I didn’t prime properly, but MAC has been keeping me looking great from morning to midnight.

As you’ve seen from the title of this post, I have a few suggestions to make sure you get the right makeup for your skin. The first time I tried a MAC beauty counter as well as a few others, I was almost 16. I have extremely blotchy and uneven skin and knew next to nothing about makeup. I just swiped on some 2in1 foundation powder and gloss. So naturally, I let the ‘professionals’ do as they saw fit. When I saw the finished product I did the whole, ‘wow, urm I’m going to test how this lasts on my face for the rest of the day and then come back and get it, love your work!’ and promptly ran to a bathroom praying no one saw me before I washed all of it off. The make up was wayy too dark on me and the trauma of it all kept me far away from trying anything new that required a skin swatch.

But, it’s 2016 and I know so much more about makeup and the shy and timid girl has grown a voice to let her opinions be heard. So learn from my mistakes darlings…


Go the counter as bare faced as possible.

i.e. Don’t wear makeup, some moisturiser or day cream is good enough. A big mistake I previously made was already wearing makeup. I thought it would show the artists what I like. The effort of getting the make up off and the chemicals left me all blotchy which could be a factor that lead to such a mismatch of colour.


Tell them exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you have oily skin? Tell them. Are you wanting to cover up your acne scars? Make sure your foundation provides a buildable coverage at the least. The makeup counter is a judgement free zone guys!


Be honest.

Yet again I was paired with a shade too dark for me. I gathered the courage to tell the MUA that and she happily got me a lighter shade, unfortunately this too was still too dark. We went down yet another shade and it was perfect, at first I felt super bad as she had applied the makeup to half my face already, then I realised, this is MY face I need it to look its best and as natural as possible. The wrong shade can make a person look so strange.

At the end I got myself some Studio Fix and have been enjoying great skin! I hope you guys enjoyed my makeup woes and even more, I hope that I helped you guys, especially if you, like me, are scared of telling people that you disagree with them! Go out and put your best (face) forward!



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