French toast is the way to my heart… Wait, what? [OOTD]

French toast is probably one of the most underrated foods in the world, I wasn’t too much of a fan as a kid, but, that could be due to my mum never really making it that well or that often… Sorry mum, but it’s the truth… Recently, however, I’ve been ordering french toast with bacon, berries and all that goodness that is maple syrup and loving it! Two weeks ago, my parents came up to visit me (they really came to restock my freezer) and we took a trip to Hartbeespoort, to the cutest cafe; “French Toast Koffie Kafee” for brunch.

I kid you not guys, they serve french toast every way it can be served! My cousin and I had a stack with a side of bacon, my dad had it with steak and my mum had hers sandwiched between ham and chicken. Needless to say it was DIVINE!!!


The cafe itself is so chic in its design, it’s a kind of miniature Paris, with a tinier replica of the Eiffel Tower. I was so charmed by the entire setting, they even have locks for you to engrave and lock into a bridge! Since, it was brunch and the weather was finally getting warmer, I decided suns out legs out! and wore my new favourite dress… Please ignore my awkward posing…

Sunnies: Woolworths

Jersey: Woolworths

Dress: Cotton On

Shoes: Converse




I absolutely love this dress! Pair it with stockings and a warmer jacket and it’s perfect for winter or wear it as is and the slight poloneck looks so elegant and sophisticated.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post, don’t forget to like and subscribe! Happy September!


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