November Favourites!



We’re in December already? Where has 2016 gone? Well, not that I mind too much coz oh hot damn it has been a whirlwind of a year. But before we breeze through December (jokes, who knows what the universe has planned for us now?) let’s get through a quick November favs edit!

Normally, with exams I would never have time to even think about favourites and/or try out new things, I kinda just zombie through those few weeks. But this year I got into a bit of online shopping while procrastinating, and even mooching through my own stuff to find things I haven’t used in a while.

Baracuda, Colourpop


You may have seen this in my last post I have been loving this lipstick, I’ve raved about it there, so I’m just going to say I am still living in it and wear it out as much as possible. It’s comfy, it’s lightweight and stays on! A bunch of us from church went out to lunch and after our meals, most lippies were a bit worse for wear, while somehow mine stayed perfectly on! And I’m quite the messy eater. This got delivered to me at res on the day of my first exam. It was the best gift to myself, who doesn’t want to come home to have security tell them they have a package waiting for ’em??

**I may have placed a cheeky order with Colourpop directly when they had free international shipping for a day… I’m so eagerly awaiting its arrival! I’ll keep you guys posted (see what I did there?)

Choker Alert!!

Who doesn’t love donning on a cool choker? It’s very rare to find such a person. However, it’s so easy to find people who complain about expensive they can be! Lovisa is basically my one stop for jewellery when I’m in a fix, but sorry not sorry my brown blood runs deep. I know my parents might disown me if they caught me paying over R200 for a choker. I can hear my dad already … “you could’ve just told me you wanted some cord or I could’ve given you my shoelace”. LOL!


Luckily I wont be disappointing my parents with my spending habits and I clicked on the facebook ad for Jewels and Lace. They have chokers from R19 guys! They do sell other stuff but I love the chokers! And no this isn’t me advertising for them, I do wish I was that famous a blogger but all in due time. I’m in love with these 3 I picked up and these were delivered to me on the day I wrote my last exam. My favourite is the lace one. It feels kinda risque so I love pairing it with white clothes to kind of contrast them and create a balance, I loved it paired with a pretty white gypsy top I wore on a date.

Highlight Highlight Highlight

Only the important stuff right? I got myself a mini Girl Meets Pearl highlighter from Cape Town in January and never really knew how to use it. But I got tired of studying and started experimenting and I’m all for that sparkle! Now you’ll find me dabbing on some highlighter even when I’m just chilling at home because you know… practice makes perfect.


**That cheeky Colourpop order includes the rose gold highlighter, Might Be. I hope it gets here before Christmas!

Old series 

Remember Charmed and One Tree Hill?? I used to love them as a kid but I never really followed it, so I’m catching up on them at the moment. I completely forgot about Prue’s existence and how much drama One Tree Hill had? Ugh Dan Scott is the worst!

**Chad Michael Murray i.e. every girl’s crush at some point in their life.

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Love Cayla….


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