Reviewing my Christmas present

Yup guys! You read that right, I’m reviewing my gift on Christmas eve 🙂

Hi lovelies! If you’re new to my blog, here’s the moment where you find out that I am obsessed with Benefit cosmetics. I love trying new stuff out so my parents got me the Girl O’Clock Rock set, well I guess it’s more of a 12 days of Christmas Advent Calendar.But I’m impatient and I got the gift mid November, since as far as I know there are no Benefit counters near home. So I got the wondrous set before I came home from uni and have been trying the products out since.


The set is totally worth your money, with 12 different travel sized items so you can try out most of the best sellers and pick your faves. And the packaging is adorbs!


I’m just going to give you a quick run down of how I felt about the products,unfortunately I cant remember the products in their advent order, since I’ve been using them quite a bit. Here are all the products lined up…


Going from left to right…

  1. Ultra plush lip gloss: I’m going to be honest, I tried this once, but I am not a lipgloss girl and didn’t use it again.
  2. Bad gal lash: unfortunately I’m too in love with They’re real to use this #whoops
  3. they’re REAL!: I love love love this mascara for my non existent lashes, I already have this mascara but now I know as soon as it’s finished I have a new one waiting for me 😀
  4. IT’S POTENT! eye cream: I love the immediate effect these have on your dark under eye circles, they brighten up in that exact moment! But I think I had an allergic reaction to it as the area around my eyes broke out and I did not look too pretty, I’m still not sure if that was the cause, I’ll definitely try it again after the festive season.
  5. Posietint: OOOOH my gosh guys! I’m in love with these tints. I have never been a blush girl because I suck at it and I never know my colour. But posietint is the loveliest pink shade and is so subtle on my cheeks.
  6. Highbeam: a yummy highlighter that totally lives up to the glamour behind the name.
  7. Lollitint: THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVOURITE TINT. Okay I’ll stop screaming, but if you told me I’d be wearing purple blush I would’ve laughed at you and now I love it, once this tiny bottle is done I WILL be getting the full size.
  8. Benetint: The original tint, I love how subtle the colour is on my cheeks, the tints are meant for lips as well but I feel they aren’t pigmented enough for my usually way too chapped lips.
  9. the POREfessional primer: you want a smooth pore filled face? Here you go.
  10. they’re REAL! remover: they’re real products stick like glue, which is good for longwear, but not so grand for makeup removal… My micellar water works pretty well but this cream works even better! And saves me some my micellar water and there’s no excessive rubbing either!
  11. HOOLA bronzer: I knew this product wouldn’t be all that for me, not because of it’s production but because I’m the shade of the hoola powder, so this doesn’t really have much defining power for my face.. oh well #BrownSkinProblems.’
  12. Dandelion Powder: This has become one of my go to’s for my makeup for the past month, sometimes I use it as a blush, sometimes as highlight on its own and sometimes over my liquid/cream highlighter!

All in all I loooove my present. I hope everyone is having a super Christmas eve and that Christmas brings you all the joy and happiness you need in your life!

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