Mini Lush Haul


Hello bloggerverse! I hope everyone has had a better week than me!

My relationship ended on V-Day, well it was long distance, so it was inevitable and I have nothing but love for him. And it gave me a great excuse to have a lot of retail therapy. I booked myself a massage and all those stressful knots were worked out. And because campus has been way too stressful already, I figured I needed some Lush products to cheer me up.

The sales person at Lush was incredible! And her amazing help led to me buying way more than I needed. I figured I’d share my haul because after I tried some of them last night, I felt so good! And these are all suitable for the shower! At res, tubs do not exist and probably aren’t too clean if they do, I was kinda sad that I couldn’t get a glittery bath bomb until I stepped into my shower.


First I used the ANGELS ON BARE SKIN facial cleanser and afterwards my skin felt so smooth and even looked a bit brighter.

I had a quick shower and then used the GREEN SUGAR SCRUB, which I initially rubbed too hard on my skin #WHOOPS I would recommend using this in chunks or the whole thing can crumble, or melt! It is sugar after all… To finish off I used the BUFFY MOISTURISING BATH SCRUB. This bar is amazing guys! I’m about to go shower for church (it’s almost 2pm) and my skin still feels so supple and nourished. I also cut a piece of this off, a little really goes a long way.

Tomorrow I can’t wait to try the REFRESHER SHOWER JELLY. I hope the lemon tones help wake me up for class and they gave me a little tester of the HERBALISM FACIAL CLEANSER.

I am so pumped and ready for the week ahead! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and nothing gets you down!

With Love… Cayla

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