Highlight of the Month!

Hello lovelies!

February is almost over and I’m sitting here like WOT. Test season is not far off. But the end of the month is also inspiration for a favourites blog! I have one beautiful palette to tell you guys about!


*dun dun dun*

The amazing #GLOWGASMPALETTE from the wonderful babes over at Swiitch Beauty. They ran a Valentines special and this baby was R100 off. It was practically a steal so I HAD to get it. When it arrived I was shocked at how much of each shade was in the palette. The lighter colours did scare me, but the product is marketed to suit all shades, so I figured why not give ’em all a go?


How beautiful are these shades?? Ever since purchasing my Colourpop highlighter I have just loved adding that sparkle to my face. I worried that this palette was too good to be true. I was so wrong. I decided to try a different shade out each day for 6 days. Yes, that meant I was putting in so much of effort for campus everyday. That part was hard when I had 8am lectures, but it turned out to be quite fun actually. Playing dress-up sort of motivated me to go to all classes so I wouldn’t be wasting my makeup!

Here my looks Tuesday through Sunday…

I hope my glow is super visible in these pics! I used the shades in the weirdest order, so the picture matches the position of the shade on the palette. There are 5 powder shades and 1 creme shade. #5 was the creme one and didn’t sit on and suit my skin too well, so I just blended #2 over it and it ended up looking so good! I felt incredible this week, all thanks to these gorgeous highlighters! I wish I could pick a favourite! I see myself agonising over which shade to apply. EVERYDAY 😦

I do encourage every makeup obsessed person to get themselves this palette. It’s so worthwhile and so pigmented and it truly suits all shades! I’m probably going to hold onto this for a looong time! (And I may just start putting in as much effort, into how I look everyday, as those commerce kids!)


Here’s to everyone having a productive and happy week ahead…


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