Trying not to LASH out

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Hey hey bloggerverse, you know what irks me? The price of eyelash extensions, and the fact that you’ve got to fill them in every few weeks! I should probably give you guys a bit more backstory…

I’ve got dreadfully short and straight eyelashes, so yes, I do get a bit green eyed everytime I see a guy with these crazy long, curly, full and voluminous lashes. Eyelash extensions have become a bit of trend now and I loved the idea of it! I started looking up places at home that I could get mine done at, and then realised I could not be spending half a grand on my lashes every month, at least not while on a student budget. Graduated engineer me, however, will definitely be filling in her lashes.

But, until then I’m sticking to mascara, which is what this post is about, a round up of my current favourite mascaras. And none of them will break the bank!

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From left to right: Lash Princess, They’re Real, BAD gal lash, They’re Real (haha it’s that good), DESiGN, Roller Lash.

They’re Real! mascara, from Benefit Cosmetics, is one of my all time favourites, they make my lashes POP and they are smudge proof, so I recommend getting the they’re REAL remover as well.

Another all time love for my lashes, is Roller Lash, also by Benefit, and I don’t need an eyelash curler when I use this, you just rotate the brush as you move up your lashes, and BOOOM! CURL. I first saw this when Zoella (AKA my fav youtuber) used to use it, once Benefit came back to SA it was the first thing I got.

BAD gal lash is definitely one for those days you want a slightly more subtle look that still pumps up the lashes. I should add this disclaimer, this isn’t sponsored by Benefit, I just really really love their products. But if they want to send me free stuff, they can hit me up in my email 😉

I love buying makeup from Essence, they’re great quality and pretty cheap, and the Lash Princess, false lash effect mascara has been a fav over the years that I’ve been trying their stuff out!

And, last but not least, this great find I picked up at Edgars this past Saturday. FOR R22! (that less than 2$), the range of mascaras don’t really have individual names, just a colour scheme on what they do, so I got the purple one which is meant to curl your lashes. I’ve used the brand, DESiGN before, I loved their chubby sticks. Anywhooo this mascara is magic, I’ve been using it all week and it’s so easy to get off, just wash your face with your normal face wash, or use some micellar water and a cotton pad, the best part? I have no panda eyes after.

That is a lot of talk about mascara, I hope you guys enjoyed this little post and let me know what you think of these products or which is your favourite mascara. Sound off in the comments down below…

Love, Cayla


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