Smokey Summer Shadow

I couldn’t think of any other appropriate word starting with S, so that’s all the alliteration for this post!

Hey guys! So, I suck at a lot of things: drawing, sport, talking without using my hands and well the list could go on… But, my inability to construct any kind of elaborate eye look has pained me for a while. So while at home I enlisted my cousin, Simone, to teach me. And it turned into a collab for both our blogs, so if you head on over to her blog you can read up on how to fill in your eyebrows:

Processed with VSCO with v8 preset

I hope this post helps anyone who’s as clueless as I am. I asked Sim to show me how to do a look inspired from a makeup tutorial by one of my favourite youtubers: Christen Dominique. I think it’s such a pretty summer eye look!

First things first, a little disclaimer, it’s obviously ideal to apply eyeshadow before foundation to able to wipe up the fallout easier and achieve a cleaner look, unfortunately I already had makeup on and we decided to just roll with it. You’ll also see A LOT of fallout of eyeshadow, the shadows used weren’t pigmented enough, so we sprayed some FIX+ to sort that out but there was some unavoidable fallout.

Okay let’s break down the look:

Step 1: Prep and Prime

Since I already had makeup on, we just applied some concealer onto the eyelid, and then set it in place.

Processed with VSCO with v8 preset

Step 2: Base colour

Apply a shadow, in a colour closest to your eyelid. This also helps blending.

Processed with VSCO with v8 preset

Step 3: Let the fun begin

So everyone differs on how they do their eye, what works for you right? For this smokey effect, we applied the darker smokey tone to the outer part of my eye, and then covered my eyelids in pink, excluding the inner corners of my eyes.

Processed with VSCO with v8 preset

Step 4: Smokey smokey

Now that we’ve got that pink down pat, it’s time to go in with the black again. Since it’s a smokey edge, we want the colours to blend, but the pink doesn’t need to be present at the edges. Simone has a little trick she likes to do, to get that v-shape. You work your brush along the edge of your eye, you push the shadow up as if winging your eyeliner, and then just create a downward sloping line. I probably am making no sense here, so here’s some visuals…

Processed with VSCO with v8 preset

Step 5: Pre Blend

We used the pink even on the outer corner, and then went over with black eyeshadow, to just enhance the colour. We kept working that outer corner of the eye to enhance that smokey cat eye effect.

Step 6: Blend it like Beckham?

Make sure both sides are blended evenly. Eyebrows may be sisters, but eyeshadow should match as much as possible. Once the black has been blended, we tapped some more black onto the outer corners and then a bit more pink on the eyelid so it popped!

Processed with VSCO with v8 preset

Step 7: Shimmy shimmer

We applied a lighter, highlight-like shadow to the inner corner of the eye.

Step 8: Rounding that out

To finish off the look, with a light hand, we brought that same pink used on the eyelid, along the lower lash line. Simone also cleaned up the edges with some concealer.

SIMONE TIP: Line your lower waterline with a white liner to make your eyes appear brighter.

After, I just applied some mascara, I didn’t feel like adding eyeliner to this look but it is something you could do.

Processed with VSCO with v8 preset

Let’s hope the next time, I can do my own eyeshadow, let me know what you think of this look in the comments below, don’t forget to like and subscribe AAND check out The AweSim Blog where Simone did my eyebrows!

Love, Cayla…


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