Kat Von D vs The Desert

Hey guys! What do ya know, I’m still alive and blogging. Some silly part of me though I’d be able to blog while away on holiday. I barely had enough time to sleep. One of the highlights of my vacay was going a bit crazy at Sephora in Dubai. I decided I that I wanted to get a new foundation and figured I wanted one with amazing coverage. Pretty much every YouTuber I watch, has sung the praises of the Kat Von D Lock-it foundation. So, I was like, yeah let’s get that one. I also picked up the travel size Lock-it makeup setting mist and the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II (amongst other things).

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How pretty is this packaging!

Firstly, Sephora is amazing, beautiful, and for lack of a better description, it’s the holy grail of makeup. It’s also extremely overwhelming, for the first few minutes I just walked around like WOT. I figured I’d be a lost sheep for a while so I took out the list of stuff I wanted to get (yeah, I made a list, I knew I’d forget something and then be utterly disappointed), I thought I could navigate the store easily but, as the minutes passed, I had to ask for assistance. I apologise for what could turn out to be a long post. I’m finally sitting down to write about my travels and there’s actually so much to say! I’ve decided instead of going back to posting once a week, I’m going to roll out my travel pieces over the next two weeks, otherwise you’d be reading about my parasailing adventure in a months time. So don’t forget to follow my blog, the tab is at the bottom of this post!

So, back on topic, I purchased my new foundation, I am the shade deep 67 cool, I kind of think that once my sunburn fades, this shade could be a bit dark on me, but I’m going to rock it for now. My usual foundation (MAC NC50) was not doing too grand in holding up against the weather in both Thailand, and Dubai. I’ve got the weirdest body quirk, I feel like my nose sweats the most, not my arms or any other part of my body. If I’m feeling hot, the first indication is a sweaty nose, then a sweat upper lip, but it’s mostly my nose. So, by the end of the day my foundation would be 50% sweated/wiped off on the rest of my face and completely gone from my nose area. Can you imagine how weird that looked? I carried my foundation around touching up once each day.

On my last day in Dubai, I figured the ultimate test would be to see how the Lock-it foundation held up against the desert elements. We were going on one of those dinner dune sunset tours that evening, the plan was to come back to our hotel and have a quick shower beforehand. We unfortunately got carried away with all the sales at the Dubai Mall and made it back just in time to quickly freshen up, I peed and powdered my nose and it was time to go. I prayed my makeup stayed on.

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So this was at around 5pm. I’d had my makeup on since 9am. Also, not sure what my dad’s face is doing.

The dunes were bloody epic. Our driver, Alam, was a total pro at driving and I constantly felt like I was on a rollercoaster. There was a point we got stuck in the sand at a 70° angle, I was sure we were about to do a rollover, but Alam to rescue, he was so cool and calm and did his thing and continued driving like the pro he is. At that point we were stopping to do some sand boarding and to catch the sunset. Good green beans! IT WAS HOT. But we did get some decent photos, I missed the sunset as I was recording my dad surf the sand. My recent parasailing incident made me skeptical to try it out myself.

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I was onto my last pair of socks …

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These were actually taken a previous stop, the stop was literally just to take photos.

I took a selfie and noticed although I was profusely sweating (TMI? I’m sorry) my nose was still covered! YAY!!

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Trying to look cool
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Just appreciating the beauty surrounding me

We then drove off to the campsite for dinner and camel riding. Guys, it’s so uncomfortable to sit on them, and the camel that my mum and I sat on, refused to get up and when he did, there was so much force behind his movement, I held on for dear life. I took a picture with a falcon perched on my hand and bada-boom bada-bang, my makeup was still intact, although my neck was hella sunburnt.




The night was kind of magical, dinner was served by the drivers, the execution of the entire night was impeccable. I’m not the hugest fan or Arab food, it is a bit bland for my tastes but the lamb chop that I slathered in mint sauce was amazing

Okay onto my thoughts on the foundation. Honestly I don’t think I gave it a fair test, I mean, the temperatures were above 40°C. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the coverage amazing, I feel like buffing it into your skin enough makes it look pretty natural. It stayed on from the morning, and I did a lot of shopping, till way past dinner. The lighting at the camp caused this crazy yellow selfie but my face was intact, I did notice some spots of my skin showing on my nose, but it remained mostly covered, and considering how many times I dabbed sweat off of it, I am in love with this foundation. I’ve been using it since I got back home and it just stays put. ALL DAY. It’s wonderful. It is high end and a tad pricy but, so worth it!

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If you guys liked this weird take on a review post, or have any tips, makeup, or otherwise feel free to let me know in the comments section below. Aaaand don’t forget to like, share and subscribe, it honestly means the world to me. Or just check back in a few days, I will be reviewing the GLAMGLOW Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment.

Love, Cayla

P.S. I just realised what was stronger than my foundation in its staying power… my lipstick. If anyone is interested I’m wearing a liquid lip from Colourpop in the shade More Better. I absolutely love how bright and in your face it is!

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