Friday Night Glow

Hey guys, well I am aware I’m posting this on a Tuesday night, but I’m about to tell you my hottest Friday plans. I meant to post this last week, but getting back into the swing of university has been a bit challenging. I’ve been trying to balance school, cooking healthy food, working out, my photography and trying to not lose all my friends. I have ZERO time, and somehow my blog got swept away into a corner. I have so many ideas on what to post and let’s all hope I manage to get them out.

My Friday nights, however, have become my me-time. I’m way too lazy, and boring I guess, to even want to go out. I am delighted to spend the night alone, binge-watching some series and unwinding from the week. That one evening is slowly becoming an integral part of my life.

My skin routine is just to cleanse my skin and wash off all of my makeup. I use makeup everyday, because I’m extra, but also I feel more confident with it on, in a weird way, it even helps in motivating me to actually go to class. I refuse to waste my makeup!

Once my skin is clean, I use the a liquid peel to exfoliate my skin. I find the gel formula a lot more gentle on my skin. To get rid of that surface layer of dead cells, I use the Drops of Light Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel by The Body Shop. I see and immediate increase in my skin’s brightness. It’s so therapeutic to actually see the dead skin cells as debri as one massages the peel into the skin. I sometimes just use it on my hands for fun…

Once I’ve washed all my dead cells off, it’s time to rehydrate! I drink as much water I can and try to stick to 2-3L a day, but the Johannesburg climate is awful on my skin. I sometimes sleep with the heater on and that just eats my moisturiser and my skin’s natural moisture up. I picked up the GLAMGLOW Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment from Sephora and that has become step 2 of my Friday night glow routine.


I used a flat foundation brush to slather my face up. There are two options when applying the mask. You can either leave it on for 20 minutes and wipe off the excess or leave it on overnight. On my first try I decided to see what happened after 20 minutes and decide from there. My first impression was: WOW! This smells amazing! The scent is very coconutty and tropical. The mask slowly absorbs into your face. Here’s a picture of my greased up face:


The thing is, I ain’t even mad about the shine. My skin gets so dry in the harsh winter, my makeup didn’t even sit well on it. The mask does get quite tingly on the skin, which did alarm me at first but I have yet to have any adverse reaction visible on my skin. After 20  minutes passed I could still see lines on my skin so I decided to leave the mask on all night. I woke up with such great feeling skin!


I did indeed wake up like this, haha! I got of bed and the combination of the gentle exfoliation and deep hydrating mask had me, well, glowing! These products have become my Friday routine, my makeup last week looked the best it had in months!


What are your thoughts on the GLAMGLOW products? Or The Body Shop stuff? Let me know what I should try next? Until next post,

Love, Cayla…


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