let love be the last great act to shock the world- SISTERHOOD

Hey guys!

Here’s a crazy fact. If you have a group of three girls, and a group of six guys, and you want the girls and guys to sit together respectively, there’s 8640 ways that that could happen. I think it’s safe to say that my statistics class has been blowing mind a bit. There’s possibly a million different ways my day could turn out, but it’s my choices that narrow that down to one specific outcome, my mind’s just been buzzing around that lately…

Anyway, that’s enough of the nerd talk, but if you want to know how to have the best possible day on the August 26th, read on for the choice you should make!

What’s happening on that day you may wonder… IT’S SISTERHOOD! If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a movement of women (of all ages) coming together to worship God and share His Word. We also get pampered a bit! And, if you’re a guy, there’s something here for you as well, why not volunteer at your nearest Hillsong campus on the day?

I remember my first Sisterhood, back in November 2015, the atmosphere of so many women gathering together was, and is, so empowering, it’s just a morning to dress up and enjoy with the girls in your life. My best friend and I got there a bit early and snapped pictures with some cool props and we even got our nails done! If you attend the Jozi service, make sure to head over to the neighbourgoods market afterwards. I’ve been to Sisterhood a few more times and it has always been such an amazing uplifting experience!

It is a free event but make sure you RSVP here. (I just realised another reason you should definitely come to Sisterhood, it’s Womens’ Month, also, Happy Womens’ Day!)

I’m going to be honest and admit that I don’t remember every message I’ve heard, but one point, that Ps Thamo Naidoo mentioned when I was a kid, has always popped into my mind.

“Let our greatest strength be Love, and, let our greatest weakness, also, be Love”

The theme for this Sisterhood is ‘let love be the last great act to shock the world’ and I’m so excited to hear how this is unpacked throughout the entire service. Ps Alex Seeley will be sharing the Word and I can’t wait to hear what God has to impart, through her!

Make sure you don’t miss out guys! Be apart of the movement 🙂 The Gauteng times are as follows:

Centurion: 8.30 for 9am & 10.30 for 11am

Pretoria: 9.30 for 10am

Johannesburg: 8.30 for 9am & 10.30 for 11am

Make sure you get there a bit early to get the best seat!

Love, Cayla…

P.S. The invites for each campus are down below, make sure to download them and share them with all the girls in your world! Sisterhood wouldn’t be the same with you!




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