I tried Korean makeup. FAIL??

Hey guys! Two posts in a row, let’s hope I can keep this up this whole week. I’ve seen the erborian Korean skin therapy products on YouTube and when I saw them again in Sephora, I had to get them. Thankfully I got the mini travel sizes because this experiment didn’t go too well.

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I bought the Pink Perfect Creme, a 4-in-1 primer, and the CC Creme, I’ll be honest I was most excited to try the latter. On Youtube I had seen that although it is a white cream, it warms up to the colour of your skin. Sounds crazy right? The helpful people at Sephora, put a blob on my hand and it worked! I was so keen to go home and try it.

I waited a while before I did, so I figured, hey let’s blog this! So the pictures below are me sans any makeup, I just have my day cream and some SPF. Ah back to the days when my eyebrows were done and way less bushy than they are now.

  1. I tried the primer first, I applied way too much, but I love how it feels on the skin, I’ve used the primer since then (in more moderation) and it really does minimise my pores. My foundation sticks to it like paint to a well prepped wall.

2. Time to apply the magical CC Creme. Here’s proof that it truly is white from the bottle.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Unfortunately I have weird face pigmentation, that’s the reason I’ve given myself for this fail. My eyes, cheeks, mouth area, neck and the rest of my body are all different colours. So, the creme warmed up to each different shade on my face, and my face ended up looking like a quilt, and the coverage wasn’t that great either.  I also feel it made me look quite grey, typical of using a shade too light on one’s skin. Could it be that this product just can’t handle all my melanin?

I thought maybe if I put on some lipstick and set it, it wouldn’t be so bad. I was terribly mistaken.

3. This is me realising that any attempt to fix this look was futile, I just wiped my whole face off and stuck to my normal routine. Which is less scary looking. I do love the primer tho!

I was pretty disappointed that this didn’t work out the way I wanted to, it’s a decent party trick tho. Have you guys tested any of these products? And had better results? Or maybe you’ve also had some makeup fails, whichever way, let me know in the comments below!


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