Thailand Part I: Parasailing in Phuket

Hello bloggerverse! Welcome to my penultimate travel post, incorporating my last few days in Thailand. Travelling was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to pack up my bags and fly somewhere new. It’s probably going to be a while until that happens, so for now I’m just going to reminisce on busting up my one good knee.

My last day in Phuket was pretty fun. Well, eventually, my mum had caught a pretty bad bout of flu, or a cold. Thanks to Google, we managed to find a doctor who gave her some pretty good meds. We decided to walk along the beach, back to our hotel, hoping that we’d find people parasailing, as I was SO KEEN to try it. Once we saw people doing it, my dad figured he would try it too, and I almost chickened out. I WAS SO SCARED. My dad went first and it was smooth flying for him.

My experience went a little different.

It was exhilarating.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
It’s like I ran up some invisible stairs.

One moment I was running on the beach and the next I was up in the air. Not going to lie, they strap you up real tight in that harness, and it was pretty uncomfortable. The view however, completely made up for it! It was probably as close I’m going to get to flying. Until I skydive, but I guess then I’m just falling, anyway… Being up in the air felt so good! I was actually so happy to be strapped up as the wind speed was crazy. There was a guy who flew with me and adjusted the sails and controlled all movement. I was so scared that the wind would catch him off-guard and poof! I would be alone in the air. My next fear was that a bird might fly into my face. Luckily neither of those happened and my time in the air was soon up.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

My landing was an adventure all on its own. As I got closer to land my body pretty much froze up. You’re supposed to run as you land so you don’t hurt yourself. Wonderful, smart and logical me didn’t start running until it was way too late. I ended up getting twisted, turned and basically bashed around by the force of my landing. I didn’t even know what to do so I just let everything happen to me and prayed to God, I mean I could not go out in a parasailing accident. I take my hat off to those guys in charge tho, my tumble didn’t last very long. I tore the ligaments on my right knee a couple years ago, and it’s basically messed up for life as the doctors didn’t pick up that I had fractured my knee as well, until a year later. By some miracle, my left knee bore the brunt of the injury and I had cuts everywhere. I had my first adrenaline come down and cried, because I’m a baby.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Pre crash landing.

We walked the rest of the way to our hotel, that’s when I figured it was going to be a while until my knee healed up, in fact I only walked properly once we were in Dubai.

The bottom line: I have zero regrets. It was such a phenomenal experience. I probably wouldn’t do it again but I’ve got a great story to inspire my kids and grandkids with, right? It’s also inspired my next post, Thailand Part II: Limping my way through Bangkok. If you liked this post, hit that like button below and subscribe below as well, Bangkok is a crazy city!

Love, Cayla…

P.S. Let me know about your crazy dare devil fails or triumphs in the comments below.

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