I got new nudes I got ’em! Lipsticks. Duh.

Is anyone else loving New Rules from Dua Lipa? I know I am. And, anyone who likes anyone should definitely give it a listen. ANYWAY this post isn’t about not picking up the phone, because you know he’s only calling ’cause he’s drunk and alone. It’s about my new favourite nude lipsticks!

Ever since I purchased Baracuda from Colourpop, I have become obsessed with neutral lipsticks. I even bought another Baracuda. Since I was burning through my favourite lippie fast, I kept an eye out for any other nudes.

I figured going to a MAC store was the best first move. WRONG! Nudes are subjective to your skin tone. I walked in the store and asked one of ladies working there for a nude lipstick. She gave me a bunch. But they were all extremely light. Like way too light for me. I picked out a colour I thought I would like, but instead of giving me that to try, I went through many stages of looking like I plastered some icing sugar on my lips. Moral of the story, you probably know your face best. Thankfully, the colour I wanted to try suited me perfectly! It’s the Liptensity lipstick, in the shade Toast and Butter. I love butter on my toast. I love this lipstick. Instead on swatching the shades on my arms I just had fun taking some selfies with each shade on. The colour of this reminds me of these caramel sweets I loved eating as a kid.

MAC Liptensity: Toast and Butter

Sidenote: Can we ignore my pimple and terrible lighting? We can? Thank you so much!

My next nude is more on the pink side, but, it’s shimmery and understated and a total vice. Like literally, it’s from Urban Decay, and it’s one of the 100 Vice shades, this one being Manic. It’s a cream formula, so a far cry from my beloved mattes but it’s so girly and pretty. From the entirety of the Vice collection, this one spoke to me. I was at my very first Sephora, in Bangkok, and it was very special moment. (Also, my mum had to help me pick)

Urban Decay: Manic. It just makes me so happy!

The third hack is once again, MAC. This is a matte formula in the shade Persistence. I saw this on a South African model I follow on instagram, Ashleigh Herman AKA ashher. She looked ah-mazing with it on and the colour was so pretty I had to try it on at the store. I loved it. And I got it for free! Well I handed in 6 product empties (3 foundations and 3 Fix+ bottles) and chose my free lipstick. If you didn’t know MAC does that, you’re welcome! I know Persistence is pretty close to Toast and Butter but it’s a matte and less beige-y so that counts? Right?

MAC: Persistence

And last, but not least, is Spice Girl from Huda Beauty. This is just such a beautiful shade, and it smells so nice! It’s one of my favourite mattes, it dries fast, it doesn’t crack and it feels kinda 90’s. It’s a brown with a bit of mink, I don’t know you can decide what colours are in it. I was at the Dubai Sephora, feeling so overwhelmed, I knew I wanted one of the Huda lipsticks but the Huda stand was so hectic. I grabbed a dark-ish colour, swatched it, liked how it looked and picked up an actual product and threw it in my basket!

HudaBeauty: Spice Girl

So there ya go! My new favourite nudes. What’s your favourite lip shade? Let me know in the comments!

Left to right: Persistence, Manic, Toast and Butter, Spice Girl

Love, Cayla


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