A21- join the walk against human trafficking

Hey guys, I can’t believe September is almost over, how many of you know that October is National Human Trafficking Awareness month? Until recently, neither did I.

I remember studying the slave trade in grade 8 and 9, unfortunately slavery and human trafficking haven’t stayed in the history books, but are still prevalent in society today. Earlier this year, my parents were in full on stress-mode as they read the horror stories of girls being abducted in Braamfontein, the area surrounding my university, in broad daylight. The first time I truly felt scared was when I heard the story of a girl who managed to escape by rolling out of the moving vehicle when she heard her captors talking about reaching the border. Sounds like something out of a Liam Neeson movie right? Sadly, it’s a reality many people face.

You may not be able to physically save someone right now, but you can help create awareness. A21 is a Global Anti Human Trafficking organisation, that my amazing church works pretty closely with. On October 14th, A21 is holding a global walk, you can check out their website here to find a walk closest to you. If you are in or around Johannesburg, be sure to join us at the Braamfontein one, hosted by Renee and Simone from Hillsong Church (Jozi). We’ll be walking across the Nelson Mandela bridge and around Braam, everyone is welcome to join!! The walk is officially from 9-10am, and registration starts at 8am. Come join in and help create awareness on an issue that affects so many!

Oh! And everyone will meet at Hillsong Jozi, AKA the Alexander Theatre (36 Stiemens Street)! Hope to see you there!

Love, Cayla

‘Together we will shake the very foundation of slavery in cities around the world’ -A21

(Image taken from hillsong.com)

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