Trying a new foundation??

Well well well… look who’s back! Hey guys, how is everyone? I’m so glad it’s December and the holidays! (well, kind off, I’m doing vac work) I’m feeling extra Christmas-y this year. ‘Tis the season!

But that’s another post entirely….

I have taken another huge leap and decided to change my foundation again. I’ve been switching between the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation and my trustee MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Unfortunately, they’re both close to their dire ends, MAC is pretty easy to buy, but the price is way out of my meagre student budget and soon enough my dad is going to say no to picking up my makeup bill. The end of my Kat Von D foundation breaks my heart just a little (okay a lot), because it isn’t available in South Africa. This Sunday I popped into the Body Shop for fun and found myself looking at the foundations. I’ve been seeing nothing but good reviews from those who have tried the Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation.

(The Body Shop)

I really had hoped to try it out, but was shocked to see that there are only 10 shades in the range! I found that to be ludicrous, I had asked for a tester for what I hoped was my shade, and the shop assistant refused, which was weird because I know of people who have gotten a foundation tester from the store before, but I didn’t push it. When I passed by the store later I decided to try my luck again and this time the same person suddenly had a cupboard full of little tester containers and gave me some foundation from the tester tube. *I know I could’ve gotten them to test it out on my face for me, but I had already had a full face of makeup on, and anything applied after that is removed is never a true reflection of what a foundation is really like.

I figured I’d try it out for my first day of work. I prayed it matched my face, and thankfully it did. It’s also the darkest shade in the range, which is kinda sad that anyone with a darker skin tone can’t even consider the foundation.

Okay so first impressions:

“Is this going to be enough for a full face?” 

“Whoah, that’s some impressive coverage”

“Wheeeeeew! This matches my skin and doesn’t look weird”

“Wait, why is my face tingling, oh yeah tea tree oil!”

“Let’s spread this evenly now. Yaaaas to this coverage.”

“OH WOW! I’ve still got half of the tester left.”


Okay so clearly the face tingling freaked me out. But by the time I had set my face and was filling in my brows my face had calmed down. And if anything, I feel like the tea tree induced tingles calmed my skin down, I had a nasty breakout that looked like it wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon and now it’s almost cleared up. I just realised I should probably say more about the foundation; it’s a vegan friendly full coverage matte clay foundation, it’s incredibly lightweight and breathable, sweat and water resistant (I can attest to this!), oh and my shade is Santiago Walnut. You obviously feel the tea tree in the formula so be weary of the tingles!

I ended up wearing the foundation for a little over 12 hours and I have to say I’m impressed with how well it held up. It does get a little shiny during the day but a simple dusting of some setting powder fixes that in a jiff! I mentally berated myself for not documenting the day but Tuesday was another day.

I took so many selfies on Tuesday, I’m sure the rest of the lab wondered what was up, haha. I  kept my makeup really simple because I’m at work and I’m not a morning person.

Towards the afternoon, my face had gotten pretty shiny but I easily fixed it. All in all I have to say I’m really happy with this foundation, my dad picked up the actual product for me on Tuesday and new foundation feels are amazing!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you have any affordable great foundations I should try, drop me a comment below. Don’t forget to like, share and hit that follow button down below.

With love, Cayla…




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