Human Rights Day

Hey guys! Public holiday season has begun in South Africa, it’s often so easy to get excited over the thought of getting to sleep in and skip school or work in the middle of the week, but for anyone who doesn’t know what Human Rights Day, in South Africa, is about… Here’s a quick recap… On the March 21st 1960, there was a peaceful protest in Sharpeville, against the pass law. This law stipulated that people of colour needed a permit from the government to enter an urban area from a rural one, even to get a job. The ‘dompas’ as it was often called was used to control the movement of black people in urban areas, without it on your person, you would end up in jail. 69 people were killed by the police that day, and 180 were wounded. I’m really grateful to live in a post Apartheid era, although, the wounds inflicted upon society have yet to heal. I see it in my elders, so many talented people who didn’t have the opportunity to pursue their careers and dreams, nevermind the racism and economic divide present in the country. While people my age, the ‘born-frees’ have never been oppressed, we still feel the effects of it as it inspires us to work towards a better future for ourselves, our family and our country.

I swear this was supposed to be a makeup post, but I couldn’t ignore the significance of the day and ended up going on a bit longer than I had expected. Oh well, stay tuned on Friday as I post that!

Love, Cayla

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