Trying Super Cheap Makeup

Hey guys! This post was supposed to go up a week ago but uni assignments just won’t let me live. Last week I had some time to kill and popped into Red Square, they had this crazy 50% off sale on the brand DESiGN. If you live in South Africa, you’ll know that they’re crazy affordable, I mean I initially bought four products to try out and the total was R39.90, at that price I had to pick up more things! I paid R80 for all this!

Also, my new favourite pants are quite the cool backdrop!

Initially, I had gotten only the gloss, nail polish, eyeliner and single shadow. But the FACE palettes looked pretty interesting so I figured hey this would make a good blog post!

number DSC_0453

So, the first thing I tried out was the lipgloss, in the shade Jewel, this was R10 so I was not expecting much, but yooh! I was pleasantly surprised, the colour is so pretty and the formula is so smooth and wearable. I was expecting something really sticky and uncomfortable but this gloss got a big yes from me!

How pretty and girly is this colour!

 Next up was the eyeliner, it said Duo Eyeliner, but I didn’t realise that one end was grey and the other black. I thought that was so cool, so I tried a grey wing and lined my lower waterline with the black end. The colour payoff is so good! This product was R10, so that’s like R5 per liner. And it’s the only other liner that I could achieve a wing with. SO ANOTHER BIG THUMBS UP HERE!

After get that wing fleeking, I decided to paint my nails, I got the colour Valkyrie. The nail polish was also R10, I did my standard two coats and third clear coat, it’s a week later and the polish is still going strong! At this point I was so impressed with everything I got. But I spoke too soon! Sort of…

It was time to try the palettes and eyeshadow I picked up. The palettes were R20 each and the eyeshadow was R10. I was excited for the single shadow Love over Gold, I have been wanting a yellow shadow for forever! But the pigmentation was so poor and the fallout was so much! The same for the palettes, they each had a bronzer, highlighter and two blush shades. They did not go over well y’all.

I tried to use the shades as eyeshadow and the colours fell everywhere but my eyes!
But, hey the nail polish looks bomb!

They weren’t a total disappointment tho, the highlights in the palettes were quite decent. My face was already done so I swatched them on my hand:

I was extra impressed with the gold highlight from the Glow palette.

So half of the products were good, that’s a pass at university so that’s a good thing right? What cheap products have you tried and loved? Let me know down below…

Love, Cayla

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