Pretty clothes and pretty prices

Have you ever picked up a cute dress off of a hanger to show your mum? Then she says it’s pretty, then she looks at the tag and goes “pretty price too”. Happens to me all the time y’all! But this post isn’t about my inability to stick to a budget (I am improving), it’s about how to save a little money and still have cool clothes! How did we get here? I walked into class one dull day…

Okay before I get too dramatic, a classmate said that one day when she has wads of cash, she’d like me to be her stylist.

  1. I was flattered.
  2. I paused, because who says I spend a lot of money on my clothes?

Okay sure, sometimes I splurge because I need to have a certain garment, but most of the time I’m super savvy with sales. It’s in my blood, my mum is a bonafide sale whisperer. I grew up comforted in the fact that if my mum was extra late from work, she was going to walk in with a few huge Woolworths packets. OF CLOTHES! Yay! While I never really appreciated the effort sales took growing up (nor was I a kid fashionista), I have come full circle. So I thought I’d share some tips with you guys in a post.

  • Keeping up with sales today, is so much easier than 10 years ago. Instead of reading about it in the newspaper or getting a notice in your physical mail, just open instagram and there’s probably a sponsored post advertising it. I copped the skirt I’m wearing here for R50 at the Woolies clearance sale. There was nothing more expensive than R50. R50. That’s like $4.
  • Patience. Sometimes I want to buy that dress for R600 at Cotton On but I know in a month or two it’ll be R250. At that markdown it’s basically free.
  • Fan of Refinery clothing and you’re around Jo’burg? Check out the clearance store in Braamfontein. Guys. I’ve gotten jumpsuits for R66. Unsold stock goes there and everything is sold at a further 33% off the price. A dress I wore for Christmas in 2016 was around R40 last year. It broke my heart you guys.
  • Factory stores. They’re everywhere, the internet makes life so simple. Just google to find out where your nearest one is. I remember going to a Glodina factory store as a kid. There were towels everywhere and it was amazing. (There’s a bunch of factory stores in Woodmead, Johannesburg, including a Forever New!) You also get to feel less guilty about going on a shopping spree!
  • Another store I love going to is Best Shoes in my hometown, Pietermaritzburg (18 Failsworth Road). My super cute rose gold Soviet sneakers are from there, my mum and cousin got the most adorable heels, but when I came home for the holidays and wanted to get them too, they were out of stock. They sell everything at a much lower markup than normal stores and have quite a variety of styles for literally everyone!
  • Another amazing-deals-all-the-time place is the online store Superbalist! They have deals everyday. And if you’re worried about sizing, the most effective method I’ve found is checking the tags of your H&M, Cotton On and now even Mr Price clothing, they have all equivalent sizes on the same tag. And it’s delivered to your home so it’s like getting a gift! (From you, to you! Yay self love!)

If I think of any more tips, I’ll probably post them to my instagram stories like I do with any sale I see, so you know… you should go ahead give my account a follow. Also, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe loves!

P.S. It’s okay splurge and just get that pair of pants that have been calling you for the past 30 seconds. With some things you know they’re worth it.

Peace, love and light on this cold evening. This is the part where you go back to studying …


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