About Me…

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Fancy seeing you here…

My full birth given name is Terscilla Cayla Chinasamy, but that’s kind of a mouthful so call me Ters or Cayla. Whatever floats your boat.

So I’m supposed to type stuff about myself. I’m an engineer to be with a massive creative yet somehow not creative side. I love music and singing and nifty art projects yet I cannot draw, even if my life depended on it. I was born to shop but not to wear high heels as much as I do adore them. Thankfully I’m 1.66m tall so I don’t really need them. And I’m a diehard SI units fan.

I graced Earth with my presence in a city called Pietermaritzburg in South Africa and I’ve lived there all my life, up until I finished school and uprooted myself to Johannesburg for 10 months a year to become a metallurgical engineer.

I’d love to say that my blog is solely focused on something specific, but honestly, it isn’t. It’s kind of like my personal diary, but for anyone to read it. So you could find anything here from fashion, music or photography to what books I read, and the latest technological innovations. I have varied interests, my soul is too restless to choose one thing and let that be all that there is to me. I’m still growing and finding myself as a person and in a way this blog is a way to document that.

So have a look see, you might find something we have in common…

first in the #IWishIDid series
I wish I did ballet … First in the #IWishIDid series

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Yes, no, maybe?


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